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37 species

Amytornis dorotheae (Carpentarian Grasswren)

Amytornis purnelli (Dusky Grasswren)

Amytornis woodwardi (White-throated Grasswren)

Aquila audax (Wedge-tailed Eagle)

Aquila audax
Aquila audax
Aquila audax
Aquila audax
Aquila audax
Aquila audax

Cecropis daurica (Red-rumped Swallow)

Charadrius dubius (Little Ringed Plover)

Climacteris melanurus (Black-tailed Treecreeper)

Cracticus argenteus (Silver-backed Butcherbird)

Falco hypoleucos (Grey Falcon)

Gallirallus castaneoventris (Chestnut Rail)

Geophaps plumifera (Spinifex Pigeon)

Geophaps scripta scripta (Southern Squatter Pigeon)

Geophaps smithii (Partridge Pigeon)

Hirundo rustica (Barn Swallow)

Motacilla tschutschensis (Eastern Yellow Wagtail)

Myiagra nana (Paperbark Flycatcher)

Myiagra ruficollis (Broad-billed Flycatcher)

Pachycephala lanioides (White-breasted Whistler)

Pachycephala melanura (Mangrove Golden Whistler)

Petrophassa albipennis (White-quilled Rock-Pigeon)

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